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Conviction is a mature and dedicated guild with a well established end-game raiding reputation and roots that go back to the early days of WoW. We consistently provide some of the best raiding the server has to offer. The age range of our members spans from 18 to 40 and as such we are appropriately serious and childish in equal parts (and at the right times). Our member base spans across the whole of Europe and we have particularly large numbers of UK and Scandinavian members - as long as you can understand English you will be very welcome here, where ever you are from. We are a very social guild and several times a year groups of our members will meet of for a few beers and some partying. We are very serious about our raiding and demand and enforce excellent performance during raids. Alongside this we always try to emphasise fun, fairness and respect.

Conviction provides its members a well organised raiding structure, supported by a dedicated set of raid leaders and officers. Our official raid times are 20:30-23:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays where Wednesday is an non official raid day, with invites starting at 20:20.

We use a Loot Council system with the option of rotating raiders in the council. The guild also makes sure to support its raiders, supplying free progression raid repairs, mats for enchants etc.

  • You are mature and focused on PvE. This includes a having a spec suitable for raiding.
  • You are loyal and want to work hard for the benefit of your guild.
  • You are able to attend our raids. In order to pass trial,75% raid attendance is required (this means attending at least two raids per week on the average).
  • Higher attendance is of course even better, as we rely on a good amount of our members achieving 75-100% attendance to make our raiding viable. It is set this low to allow a little short-term flexibility.
  • You know how your class works and are willing to learn new things. Some ability to theorycraft is encouraged. We expect some raid experience, not necessarily from current expansion though.
  • You have a good attitude and a sense of humor. You should be able to wipe without complaining or losing focus, but instead trying to make the next attempt better.
  • Your gear should show dedication and insight. It should be suitable for your class and not missing any "easy" upgrades. Your gear should be ready for our current raiding level. Justice Point rewards, Arena gear and similar high level non-raid gear is an acceptable alternative if you are not raid geared. Your gear also needs to be properly enchanted and gemmed. Gear requirements can vary according to class and the current numbers.
  • You need to have spent a decent amount of time playing your class. We are not in the habit of trialing your latest flavor of the month alt. Experience across multiple expansions with your character is ideal.

Remember, your application is probably the ONLY thing we know about you. Spend some time on it, answer the questions fully. Present to us a player who understands their class and has invested time into maximizing their contribution to the raid via theorycrafting, UI mods and investment in gear/gems/enchants. Show us you have a brain. Do this and you are very likely to get a Trial.

Once you have registered an account, you may submit your application.

If you require more information, contact one of our members in game asking for an Officer.

Alternatively feel free to email us at
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